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Freelance English language translator with proper qualifications and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Have your translator ever asked you for whom the translation is intended or where it will be published? If not, try to look elsewhere.

Translation is not word-for-word conversion from one language

to another, the entire process consists of much more. The more information the translator has, the better their product can be.

Always having a good translator at hand pays off. Always having a good translator who knows you and your needs is priceless. Individual approach, whether for a one-off order or long-term cooperation, brings something extra. Mass and impersonal production certainly has its place, but not in translation.

A few words about me

I started my career as a freelance translator in my first year of university studies in 2006. Thanks to further education and continuous work, today I can boast of hundreds of satisfied customers and high quality of the services provided.

Translation, and thus philology, is not only my profession, but also seems to be a lifelong hobby. Apparently, thanks to this, I devote myself to each new text with gusto and due diligence. I try to provide comprehensive services to my customers; it is not just a routine translation process, my goal is to provide something extra for free, whether in the form of advice and recommendations regarding the source text itself, professional consultations, meeting any realistic requirements, favorable prices, graphic processing or establishing long-term cooperation and the associated benefits .


Client testimonies:

"Ondřej Houdek repeatedly translated difficult English texts for me. The speed, quality and communication are excellent. I can only recommend him and I will certainly be happy to use his services in the future."."
PharmDr. Margit Slimáková

specialist in health prevention and nutrition

"When I need a high-quality translation in general or professional English, Ondřej is the clear choice for me! He works quickly and precisely. I recommend him!"

Zdeněk Vlček


"Mr. Houdek has been translating legal documents from/to English for us for several years. I am satisfied with his services."
Lukáš Kadidlo

lukas.kadidlo@gmail.com ~ 605 087 511

"Ondřej Houdek has been providing me with corporate personal English language lessons and language consultations for a long time. I am extremely satisfied with his services. I recommend him."
Josef Kolovratnik

josef.kolovratnik@medesa.cz ~ 607 547 337

"Mr. Houdek is a great professional, he translates texts quickly, he is very reliable and communication with him is always efficient. I can warmly recommend him to everyone.."

Lucie Fojtová

Marketing Manager, eroc.cz, lucie.fojtova@eroc.cz 

"We regularly invite Mr. Houdek to meetings and negotiations with our foreign business partners. His performance, translation and communication are absolutely professional and perfect. We have experience with other translators as well, but Mr. Houdek playfully puts them all in his pocket. He can also translate technical terms and has no problem familiarizing himself with the topic you need to solve at the meeting. 100% satisfaction for me and our company."
Radoslav Janák

SKLO JANÁK s.r.o.,


"The EUFRAT Translation and Interpreting Center has been cooperating with Mr. Ondřej Houdek since 2017. Despite the relatively short period of cooperation, I can recommend his services, even though I run the risk that at the moment when we ourselves need him, he will be working on an assignment for someone who he approached based on this recommendation of mine... As a manager of a translation center (and a translator myself), I work with and meet hundreds of translators and interpreters, and I know very well that anyone can present themselves as a "translator" these days, from someone who knows Google Translate to real professionals. Mr. Houdek's position on this scale is marginally close to the second of the listed limit values. His translations are linguistically and factually correct, he can very sensitively maintain an equilibrium between the fidelity of the translation to the source text and its meaningfulness and readability in the target language; his modus operandi is flexible, he knows how to meet deadlines and his word is reliable. The most telling indicator of the quality of his translations is the fact that we did not have to deal with a single case of customer or internal complaint regarding the translations delivered by him. If you expect a cobbler to be able to sew shoes, a doctor to be able to heal, a driver to be able to drive, then you will surely be pleased to know that Ondřej Houdek is a translator who can translate"
Mgr. Tomáš Hausner

Manager of EUFRAT Translation and Interpreting Center (EUFRAT Group, s. r. o., Plzeň)
preklady@eufrat.cz ~ 605 743 566 

"Ondřej Houdek provides our company with translation services and language consultations in the technical field of construction. Easy communication and time flexibility. We recommend."
Miroslav Moravec

Director, machine-smoothed screed concrete company

www.mh-beton.cz ~ 777 818 221



Private secondary vocational school Trading Center Litomyšl, Business Management.


       University of Ostrava,
      Business English.


British Center Pardubice,
Certificate in Advanced English.


Masaryk University, English Translation and Interpreting.

·     2017
University course Legal minimum for translators and interpreters

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